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SoundCircle7 is a concept.  The name SoundCircle7 comes from SoundCircle = music circle (circle of friends), and 7 = tones in the scale.


orignal soundcircle7 flute full moonThe orignal moon flute seen on the left started the SoundCircle7 concept.  Originally, it was used in therapy with developmently disabled people.  The flute is still being used for therapy and is being played at shows, concerts in major area museums, and art venues.   The moon flute inspired a series of planet flutes, a series of aum flutes based on the universal sound of "om", and a series of fun, art flutes, which are enjoyed by both adults and children.

Examples of flutes can be seen in the Gallery



Each flute produces a natural, soothing sound.  There are a variety of flute sizes with the smaller ones making higher tones and the bigger flutes making lower ones.  Some have two tones like the aum flute; others have 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 tones.  Visit Sounds & Sights to hear the music and see videos of some of the concerts.


SoundCircle7 is also about the people who make music with the flutes, the people who enjoy the sounds, and the people who are helped by the music therapy program. 
art fair boy playing flute art fair johnny white playing flute musicians after sc7 concert mars flute auction winner
SoundCircle7 started as an organic music therapy program based on meditative practice that I have been developing since the early 80's to ease a life long struggle with stuttering and speaking difficulties.  The therapy program was extended and now helps the developmentaly disabled.  Read the Reviews and find out what other people are saying.

Energy & Well Being

The effects of the music is amazing to see.  Small children and adults become focused changing their attention from random and scattered to an simple awareness of the music.  Perhaps them most dramatic effect is seeing the music calm emotions.  I use these effects in my therapy.  I would like to think all people after listening to the music go away feeling good about themselves.  I know many people have had this experience.

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